Tau Allies 40k tactics part 3: The Wraithknight

Tau Allies 40k tactics part 3: The Wraithknight

Wraithknight, because size *does* matter!


So this week we're looking at what the new big boy to arrive on the scene does for a Tau army, the Wraithknight. Some folks think he's overcosted and too easy to kill, but used well he can really give a Tau player some solutions he would otherwise be lacking.


He's Mean!

2 Str10 AP2 shots with the distort rule is not to be sniffed at. While the rest of your army brings torrent this guy brings a left cross for the KO. In a recent game of mine my wraithknight shot a riptide with an attached tau commander (and warlord), got 2 hits then 2 wounds and one of them was an instant death shot. I gave the riptide that wound and once he failed his 5+ inv the commander died to the second shot. Nothing else in my army can do that to a riptide and iridium commander with feel no pain, and it swung the game in my favour instantly. So against enemy riptides, even and even other wraithknights, this guy with guide cast on him is outstanding. Not only that but he's also a bit of a monster in combat (literally!). Dedicated combat units will take him down but he will smash through most other things outright.



He's Tough!

Don't believe the hype, there isn't much in the game that doesn't have a fair bit of hassle trying to kill a Wraithknight. The amount of firepower he will distract from the rest of your army is immense. Enemy riptides and broadsides will take it down, but it will take a turn or 2, and that's often all the time you need to make your own impact on his guns.


He's Scary!

When the enemy see a wraithknight powering towards their lines they will often fluster and do everything they can to stop him getting in. He can and will make people overreact and make mistakes and those mistakes will cost him the game on the top tables. The distort rule and his Str10 melee attacks will also scare the bejesus out folks, forcing them to hide guys who would otherwise walk around as if they were untouchable. Necron lords with a 2+ save, iridium commanders, Great Unclean Ones will all cover at the back of squads and/or out of los.


Screamer Councils are no longer autolose!

Any Tau player who comes up against a screamer council is in for a bad day. A 2+ rerollable inv save means you need to stick about 700 wounds into that unit to bring it down so in other words you aint doing it. However, chuck this guy in and it's the never ending combat. You can pretty much forget about them because neither side is likely to come out the other side of that one any time soon, and by the time they do most of the other daemons kicking about will already be dead. Now it's a game, you've got options other than just get tabled in turn 2.


So that's my take on what the wraithknight brings, what about you guys? What else does he help a Tau army out with?

About the Author
Franco "The Speedy" Marrufo

Franco "The Speedy" Marrufo is a gamer for some 20 years now. He begun his addiction age 11 with Heroquest, on to Advanced Heroquest, then to Warhammer and eventually into Warhammer 40k back in the Rogue Trader days. He played that regularly until about 1997 when he discovered booze and girls and took a break that lasted almost 15 years! In 2010 he was encouraged by a friend to get back into it and has been firmly addicted to 40k again ever since.

2 comments on “Tau Allies 40k tactics part 3: The Wraithknight

  1. David Symcox on said:

    Say it isn’t so Mr Marrufo… tell me the Screamers have some last bit of hidden cheese to keep the Tau at bay.

  2. Charlie St Clair on said:

    With the farseer you bring, you have decent odds at getting forewarning too and further mitigating the likelihood of the screamers grinding out the wraithknight.

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