New Eldar Coming Soon?

New Eldar Coming Soon?






Well, the rumour mill has been furiously spinning the news that the New Eldar are coming soon.

If the current trend for release dates is anything to go by, we can expect to see the new codex and kits up for advance order this Saturday 25th with the actual release the weekend after. It's an exciting time fore Eldar players and I fully expect to see new Eldar armies popping up left right and centre.

Games Workshop has done a sterling job for us 40k enthusiasts in getting plenty of new codecies out of late. Already we have seen the Dark Angels, Chaos Daemons and the recent Tau Empire and now new Eldar all within a period of 5 months!

Our top tip for this release - get loading up on your shuriken weaponary ;-)

40k meta, prepare for the Eldar 'horde'

the New Eldar are coming!

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One comment on “New Eldar Coming Soon?

  1. Gary on said:

    Nah prepare for large amounts of Wraith(insert remainder of name) with the Wraithknight, Wraithlord and the new Wraithguard.

    Add in a flyer or two plus some psykers. Done.

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